3 Factors To Examine Before Beginning Your Investment Journey


Investing your money is a great way to grow your wealth, but it can be intimidating to someone starting fresh.

Investing is unique to each person because the time and money that everyone is willing to invest is different. Before you begin investing, you should think about what sort of investing style you would like to adopt, how much money you can afford to invest, and  your risk tolerance.

Investing Style 

There are two main investing styles that you can adopt. The style you choose will depend on the time and effort you’re willing to put in, and the sort of output you expect from your investment.

Passive investing:

This is a hands-off approach focusing on long-term returns. The return from these investments will be stable and predictable.

Active Investing:  

This is a lot more hands-on.

It requires you to choose and conduct the investments yourself. This will require much more of your time because you will need to continually research opportunities.

The return from these investments, although risky, can be quite large. As a beginner, the passive style might be more appealing till you can learn and understand the market well enough to invest more actively.


It isn’t necessary to invest a large sum of money; it is necessary, however, that you are financially prepared to invest the amount of money you choose. You should be able to set an ‘emergency’ fund aside from the money you are prepared to invest. This is because there will always be some you should not rely on quickly selling your investments to fund an emergency.

Risk Tolerance

The risk involved in an investment is usually proportional to the expected returns (higher returns = high risk; low returns = low risk). You need to balance risks and returns that work for you and the amount of money you are willing to lose. This balance might take some time, and at the start, you might choose to only invest in low-risk investments.

It may be intimidating to start your investing journey, but outlining how much time, effort and money you are willing to commit could help put you in a better frame of mind. Speak to a professional adviser or planner for further assistance with your next prospective steps.


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