3 Reasons Your Business’s Blog Might Be Performing Poorly


Having a blog for your business is just one of the ways you can further your business’s digital presence.

Sometimes, you might not find that the blogs are working the way you intended. A lack of traffic or engagement can make blog writing seem like a waste of time – but fixing these common mistakes that plague other blogs could make it the most valuable marketing tool at your disposal.

Choosing The Wrong Blog Topics

There’s nothing worse than writing a blog that has nothing to do with your business – for example, why would an accounting firm write a blog post about the best soil for succulents? It wouldn’t make sense to do so, right?

Keeping your blog relevant and on-topic for your business not only provides you with content that you can distribute across your platforms, it also provides Google with content they can crawl to boost your position in search engine results for that subject.

Publishing Infrequently Or Not Consistently

Failing to adhere to a consistent posting schedule can cause harm to your credibility with Google. If you are time-poor, you may be better off creating one or two quality posts per week over half a dozen poor-quality posts. Setting a clear posting schedule may assist with

Not Having A Single Employee Manage Your Content Production

While you can have multiple people writing your content, it may be better to have one individual focused on coming up with the ideas, the schedule and the tone. This leads to a more consistent voice – if that individual is also knowledgeable about SEO best practices and keywords, they can optimise the content created.


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