4 Methods That People Are Using To Make Sure They Reach Their Goals (Big Or Small)


Feel like your goals aren’t being met, or your internal checklist isn’t getting ticked off?

If you feel like you’re never fulfilling your dreams, self-sabotaging thoughts could be to blame. According to a recent study, only 8% of people achieve the goals they set out to achieve. Failing to meet goals (no matter how big or small they might be) can be frustrating and set you back even further.

So what is this elite 8% doing that sets them apart from the rest of us?

The Finish Line

They begin with the end in mind. They know where they’re heading, what path they’re going to take, and how they’ll get there. Plotting this out on paper and writing out what you need to get to it (your subgoals) can assist in visualising that end for your specific goal.

The Support System

High performers and productive people aren’t reaching these goals on their own; by surrounding themselves with a support system that addresses their shortcomings and assists them in reaching those goals regardless. This might be with the help of a mentor, a coach or even a specialist adviser. Meet with them regularly, listen to their advice and guidance and further your potential goal-reaching capability.

Avoid The Procrastination Temptation

Knowing why you tend to procrastinate can be the key to tackling this issue. Sometimes a particular task or responsibility may not be pleasant (even if it leads to achieving the goal). Here are some strategies to assist in avoiding the temptation to procrastinate:

  • Have clearly prioritised to-do lists, schedules, time frames for completing a task and deadlines for goals.
  • Work backwards from your deadlines to know how long you need and when to start.
  • Focus on one task at a time, and avoid multitasking.

Listen To Music

Listening to music is a great way to maintain focus and stay productive for goal attainment. The important thing to note is that a specific genre of music will likely not have the same results for one person as it would another. Background noise has also been a proven tool to help sharpen the focus.


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