ABS Update: 1 in 4 employed people under 30 work multiple jobs


According to new figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), people under the age of 30 are the most likely to hold more than one job.

Around one in every four employed people under 30 were multiple jobholders in 2016-17, and this was highest around the age of 19. Overall, people who were employed worked a total number of 19.2 million jobs during 2016-17, an increase of 3.6% over the previous year and 6.4% over the six years prior to 2016-17.

Approximately 15.6% of people who worked in 2016-17 held more than one job at the same time, with 53.7% being female compared to 46.3% being male. Most of these people lived in capital cities and the immediate regions (67%).

26% of multiple job holders worked all of their jobs in the same industry with the other 74% working across multiple industries. The most common combinations of industries worked in were:

  • Health care & social assistance and Administrative & support services
  • Health care & social assistance and Education & training
  • Retail trade and Accommodation & food services

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