ABS Update: Data released from the Energy, Water and Environment Survey 2017-18


New data released by the ABS has presented information from the Energy, Water and Environment Survey 2017-18 on electricity generation and energy use of certain industries for the years 2017-18.

Electricity, gas, water and waste services industry:
This industry includes businesses that are involved in the generation, retailing, distribution and transmission of energy. It also includes the supply of gas, water, sewerage and drainage services. For the years 2017-18, The Survey found that:

  • Coal and coal by-products generated 69.4% of total electricity.
  • The second largest source of generation was gas.
  • Renewables generated 15% of total electricity
  • The largest source of renewable generation was hydroelectricity, with wind power being the second largest.

Manufacturing industry:
The Survey found that electricity generation from natural gas made up the largest proportion of the manufacturing industry’s total electricity generation, at 45%. The remaining portions of electricity generation came from renewable generation by 28.2%, and coal and coal by-products by 22.9%.

Energy consumption:
Out of the selected industries included in this study, the manufacturing industry consumed and spent the most on electricity and natural gas, at $5.4 billion and $2.5 billion respectively. The construction industry consumed and spent the least amount on electricity, at $639.8 million.


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