ABS Update: Growth in average wages increases


According to new Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) figures released 15 August 2019, the average weekly ordinary time earnings for full-time adults in Australia in May 2019 was $1,634.

Average full-time earnings increased by $27, 1.7%, over the previous six months and by $48, 3.0%, over the year.

This compositional data points to a pick up in average earnings growth, coming after a period of low growth in average weekly earnings. This was partly reflected the growing number of lower earning workers in the services sector, including aged care, childcare and disability care workers.

Over the past five years, average full-time earnings remained highest in the ACT at $1,811 and Western Australia at $1,780. The lowest states were Tasmania at $1,420 and South Australia at $1,475. The highest increases in average full-time earnings over the five years were in the Northern Territory with an 18.1% rise and Victoria with a 16.0% rise, both well above the increase in the 12.3% average for Australia.


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