ABS Update: Slow growth in filled jobs


In new data released by the ABS, it has found that the total number of filled jobs in Australia grew slowly in the March quarter 2019.

Filled jobs are defined as jobs with a person in them, and have increased by approximately 0.2% in the quarter and 2.8% over the year. These figures have been seasonally adjusted.

The slow growth in jobs is a reflection of the weaker growth in employment that has been observed since September 2018, according to the ABS. The industry with the most jobs in the March quarter was health care and social assistance, with 13.2% of all jobs. This was followed by retail trade with 9.7%. In the last year, the professional, scientific and technical services industries had the largest growth in the number of filled jobs with up to 10.1%.

A new measure of met and unmet demand in the labour market has been introduced by the ABS. This measure highlights the proportion of jobs that are vacant and has remained steady at 1.7% in March 2019. This measure has remained steady at 1.7% for the past four quarters.


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