AI-assisted Writing – Can You Make It Work For Your Business?


Content automation tools use advanced natural language processing to create clean, natural-feeling writing and have become more common across some industries.

They can write articles, create blog content and generate keywords if necessary. You may already be using them, as apps such as Grammarly and the predictive text function for messages on phones are some typical examples of AI-generated content.

AI-assisted writing has several advantages for you to consider, including:

  • A consistent brand voice base that multiple content contributors can simply edit to suit without needing to try to adjust their style
  • Improvements to your business’s search engine optimisation through the generation of consistent keywords
  • Through support chat-bots, AI-assisted writing can help customer service teams stay on brand and refine messaging based on the latest information available

Though it has improved in recent years, AI-assisted content may still require some human intervention in the editing process to ensure it will pass as human. It can be a valuable time-saver if you’re not necessarily a writer or just need content that you can edit. Still, you need to be realistic about what they may be capable of doing. Start by identifying how you want to use the software to find what is most suitable for your needs, and do plenty of research about the software available.


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