Backing up your business data


Backing up your business data isn’t as simple as keeping a copy of files on a single computer. If this set of data is stolen or the device breaks down or is subject to viruses and malware, then your business can lose vital data such as personal client information, supply orders and financial records. Having a strong back-up procedure is crucial to keeping your business secure and protected, so it is important to invest resources into ensuring data security.

Have a data backup regime:
Copying files over to a USB every few months will not give your data maximum security. It is important to regularly backup your data in multiple avenues. It can be helpful to assign the task to a particular employee or team so that they know where to start each time they make a backup. Giving the role to an IT employee/team will make the process easier as they would likely have experience in data backup.

Cloud storage:
Backing up data on cloud software is easy to do, accessible, convenient and cost-effective. There are some cloud systems that can back up files automatically, which helps ensure that your duplicates are up to date. However, extra security software and strong password protection should be implemented as cloud services can be vulnerable to data loss through hackers or even employee sabotage.

External hard drives:
Having external hard drives are easy to use and inexpensive. Many of them also come with backup software that reminds you to copy your files every time you plug it in and will back up your data with the click of a button. If you’re using external hard drives, it is a good idea to also utilise other backup systems in case the hard drive is lost, corrupted, or if you forget to manually back it up.

Network-attached storage (NAS) is a good option for backing up local devices on a small network. NAS offers faster data access, easier administration, and simple configuration. Different NAS devices have different storage capacity, remote options and user access control, so take into account your business needs when choosing a model.

A local area network (LAN) allows you to backup files to another computer or server. A LAN spans a relatively small area and is often limited to a single room or building, however, it is possible to connect your LAN to other LANs over any distance through telephone lines and radio waves.

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