Being confident in your decision making


Decisions are a part of daily life, while some can be small and trivial, others can be more complex and defining. Although we get lots of practice with making decisions, it can still be difficult to make one you are sure of and stick with it. Changing your mind can be hard to avoid, so here are some simple tips for better decision making.

Avoid perfection:
Perfection is a trap, striving to meet an unachievable goal will only get you down. When you accept that not every decision will have an outcome that is win-win, the pressure is relieved, leaving you more comfortable with the choices you made. Instead of seeking the impossible, trust in your ability for efficient decision making.

Be independent:
Asking for the advice and opinions of people that you trust can be useful, however, the best decisions are the one made independently. It is ultimately up to you to know and decide what is best for your situation. Good decision-makers are collaboratively independent, meaning that help can still be sought after, but not relied upon. Instead of asking, “What should I do?” Consider queries such as, “What do you think about this?” By phrasing your questions as such, you are able to get more diverse perspectives in a constructive way and then act on these responses in a way that works best for you.

Admit your mistakes:
Sometimes, you don’t always make the right choice. If your feelings have led you in the wrong direction, it’s best to correct your mistakes as soon as you can and admit you made an error. Making the wrong decision and admitting it will gain you more respect and loyalty than if you were to be consistently indecisive.

Sleep on it:
When faced with a big and important decision, sometimes it can seem overwhelming and impossible to come to a conclusion. The best way to make these decisions is often when you are well-rested, focused and motivated. All of your mental energy to make complex choices is limited or depleted when you are already stressed, busy and tired. The best advice is often to sleep on it and decide in the morning, when you may have a completely new mindset or perspective on the issue.


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