Bouncing back after redundancy


Being made redundant is probably not something you considered in your career plan. It can be scary and disheartening, however, there are some steps you can take to turn your redundancy into an opportunity for new avenues.

Draft a budget
Being made redundant can bring a range of financial uncertainties. Even if you get a redundancy payout, you might not know when you’ll get a new job, if it will be stable or if it will pay well. It can be helpful to develop a budget that accounts for your new circumstances and help you manage your money wisely to keep you financially stable until you get a new job.

Prepare for a new job
Update your resume with any skills you used and learned in your old job. Prepare for your interview and questions about your redundancy. Unlike being dismissed, redundancy is more about the company needs and not about you or your performance, which you can reiterate in your interview. This will allow you to be open and honest about your redundancy but also focus on your abilities.

Work on your skills
Seek out training and learning opportunities to refine your skills or develop new ones. This can help you strengthen weaknesses in your resume and make you more employable. There is a range of quick online courses or in-person training opportunities at varying price points you can take.

Keep yourself busy
Unlike quitting your job or taking a career break, redundancy is something that is forced upon you. This can make you feel even more unmotivated and make it hard to make the effort to try new things, but if you want to move on, it’s important to go out and network, volunteer, apply for jobs and build your confidence and skills.


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