Building generational wealth for your family


Building wealth to pass down as inheritance can give your family a strong financial advantage for decades after your death.

Inherited wealth can help families make investments in education or property, without incurring heavy debts. Consider building your assets to provide your children with wealth that can last through generations by making these smart investments.

Passive income is the best investment method to consistently create wealth without active involvement. One of the ways through which passive income can be generated, is through stocks. Investing in the stock market is a risky method to grow wealth, but buying stocks with the intention of leaving it as inheritance – where time will allow the stock value to grow for decades is a smart option. For these purposes, investing in low-cost index funds is ideal for a low fee and long-term growth.

A more challenging form of passive income is purchasing property. Rental properties are ideal for long-term returns, but require higher maintenance as opposed to a property for personal use. After the initial costs of ownership and upkeep, new owners can receive ongoing income from the property. Additionally, rental income can have tax advantages (such as being able to claim depreciation) that can reduce the weight of property maintenance.

Purchase life insurance
Buying a “whole” life insurance plan can actually boost your family’s financial situation after your death. Take advantage of ordinary life insurance, which covers you for your entire lifetime. An untimely death can force families into difficult financial circumstances, and having a strong insurance plan ensures that the insurance money can be used to settle unpaid debts, or even restart their lives after your passing. Whole life insurance policies also provide tax advantages, and bring in cash that can then be used by your next of kin. An ordinary policy can act as an emergency savings and provide financial security to your family.


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