Business principles entrepreneurs should adopt post-covid


It is important to adopt new business practices post-covid to keep up with the changes that have occurred.

  • Socially distanced customer service: Businesses should aim to provide easy-to-access customer service. This includes everything from cashless payments to creating a website on which customers can access services or purchase products.
  • Improving agility: During the pandemic, businesses needed to make swift changes to be able to compete in the market. This highlighted the need to create businesses that are agile and able to adapt to different situations. Businesses that continually challenge settled routines and push for improvement will often be the most agile. Seeking knowledge and training about a business’ relevant industry and technology will also assist in creating a more agile business.
  • Build social relevance: Improving social relevance by keeping updated with trends and engaging with social media followers is highly beneficial. This also helps businesses build a brand personality and establish how they will engage with their audience and customers.

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