Considerations before relocating for a job


A new job is an exciting venture. But when a new job requires a relocation, there are a lot of things to factor into your decision before accepting the role.

Consider the following before relocating for a new job:

The company
Do your homework on the company, especially if you don’t know much about its history. From your own research, you may uncover ‘red flags’ such as poor treatment of staff in the past, downsizing issues and so on. Make sure the new company’s ethos and values are similar to your own and obtain as much information as possible to support this. Consider other important factors such as career development, incentives and how well you would get along with managers.

The costs of living
A new city means different costs. Before taking up the offer, it would be wise to research the costs of living in the new city against your current expenses (i.e., debt, loans) and factor in your new salary. If the salary does not compete enough with your current salary, it may not be worth the move, particularly if costs of living in the new city are substantially higher.

The city
Does the new city appeal to you as a desirable place to live? Ideally, you want to be able to participate in your current hobbies and activities and enjoy a good lifestyle outside of work. Consider the climate, housing, traffic, local attractions, transport and opportunities for work (if your new job doesn’t go to plan). If you have never visited the city and will not get a chance to, ask around about the city and do some research online.


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