Dealing with difficult employees


Having to deal with someone who isn’t coping in the office is not a pleasant situation for anyone.

There may be a variety of reasons for this, such as personality clashes, the employee having a bad work ethic or the workload proving to be too much for the employee to handle.

Whatever the reason, it’s a situation that no employer wants to find themselves in, for it can severely affect the working environment of your office, as well as the quality of work expected from your clients.

Although discussing the issue may be daunting to some, the sooner action is taken, the sooner a solution can be reached. Here are some tips to get you started on what you should prepare before addressing the issue with your employee.

Be specific
It is no good just telling an employee that you’re unhappy with their work attitude or quality of work produced. Make sure you are clear with what is displeasing you.

Record everything
Try to maintain a record of the problems that have arisen due to the employee. This will then form the basis of your evidence if the employee denies anything that has happened. Or it could even give you a better understanding of why they behave in a particular way if you see a pattern forming.

Take the time to listen
If an employee has been underperforming for quite a while, many employers may eventually find themselves focusing solely on the bad behaviour or quality of work produced. Instead, they should be stopping and paying attention to what may actually be the cause of the bad work. Sometimes just listening to your employee can make all the difference in the world. Perhaps they noticed a change in their quality of work as well and were too afraid to say anything, or perhaps they just needed a quick chat with the boss to let them know what was going on in their life.


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