Dealing with difficult people at work


While you may spend most of your time with the people you work with, they may not all be easy to get along with. In every workplace, there will be difficult co-workers, bosses, clients, and customers. While learning how to deal with these difficult people can be challenging, it can greatly improve your experience at work if done successfully.

Be calm:
When trying to collaborate with someone, losing your temper is usually not the best way to go. Remaining calm is a way for your colleagues or clients to see you as being in control, centered and more approachable. In circumstances where someone is being highly aggressive, either verbally or physically, it’s reasonable for you to walk away from the situation and say you will return when they have calmed down. Reacting in a similarly aggressive manner will only increase tensions and generally won’t resolve the situation.

Be tolerant:
Every workplace has a team of different personalities and approaches, and not everyone will think in the same way as you. While other people may frustrate you, keep in mind that they may be of value to the company by offering unique perspectives and approaches. If you find yourself clashing with someone, consider where they may be coming from and why they do things in a certain way. From here, you can adapt the way that you work with them in a style that will suit them, and help to build strong working relationships.

Be upfront:
As much as you may try to give someone a chance, sometimes people are not very self-aware and may not even realise they are bothering you. In these circumstances, the best approach could be to tell them constructively what the problem is or what you would like them to do. While confrontation can be challenging, this method can provide the best results as a clear indication is given of what can be acted upon. By remaining calm, rational and polite, it may be possible to resolve issues.


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