Dealing With Job Dissatisfaction


Job dissatisfaction can have a significant impact on your life. It will affect your productivity at work and your mood both at and after work. Therefore, it can’t simply be ignored. Instead, it needs to be dealt with head-on!

The first step in dealing with dissatisfaction is to figure out exactly what is dissatisfying about your job. Which factor or factors contribute to you feeling unhappy with your job? You might find that your manager or coworkers are causing you to feel this way. Alternatively, it might be the job itself. Working out what is causing dissatisfaction is what will help you decide what changes to make.

The next step will depend on the cause of your feelings. You might need to share your concerns regarding coworkers with your boss who may be able to find a possible solution, such as reassignment to a different project or department. Communicating with your supervisors will help you overcome your feelings, although, if you do bring up concerns with your supervisors, then make sure you do so in a professional manner.

You can also try to surround yourself with coworkers who are engaged and enjoy their jobs. This is more likely to put you in a positive mindset about your workplace and make you more willing to come to work every day.

If you find that your dissatisfaction has nothing to do with your workplace or specific job, and instead of your career more generally, consult someone who might be able to help you find new options.


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