Delegation Is Not Loss Of Control, It’s A Sharing Of Responsibility


Learning to delegate tasks and responsibilities can be a challenging adjustment for many leaders and business owners.

While it is tempting to try to maintain control over all aspects of your business, there comes a time when there are simply not enough hours in the day. Effective and well-executed delegation can add considerable value to your business.

The most significant advantage is that once you have delegated some of your responsibilities to others you will be able to truly apply yourself to the more pressing or complex tasks that require your attention.

Additionally, you will be increasing the skill set of your staff members. This is not only beneficial for the business but also gives your employees a sense of pride and career progression.

Delegating a task to someone is also a fantastic opportunity to assess their potential for leadership or promotion.

One of the most important aspects of learning to delegate is choosing the right person. Consider their capacity to work independently, their interests and ambitions within the company, and whether or not the new responsibility will put a strain upon their current workload.

It is essential to explain to the person the reasons why you have chosen them, as well as the value of the delegated task.

This will demonstrate your appreciation for their efforts. You need to make sure that you have set aside adequate time to train them to do the new task.

It is also essential to avoid the temptation to watch over their shoulder and micro-manage. Instead, set them a time frame and when the task is completed, give them your full and honest feedback.

Once they have completed the task several times, if you are satisfied with their performance, you should sit down with them and discuss how the task can be incorporated into their regular responsibilities. It may be necessary for you to reduce their current workload.

You should also ensure that they feel sufficiently rewarded. While increased remuneration in the form of a salary increase or bonus may be unfeasible, taking them to lunch or sending an office-wide acknowledgment of thanks can go a long way.


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