Digital marketing strategies for small businesses


Marketing online can be daunting for a small business. With the many social and digital platforms available (Facebook, Twitter, websites, Google+, emailing and blogs) quite a lot needs to be considered.

To help out, here are five digital marketing tips that every business should know:

  • Learn by example
    Digital marketing is all about how much effort business is willing to put in. While a big budget isn’t always necessary, being driven and having a desire to try new things is essential. Before jumping on the digital marketing bandwagon, business should look at the digital marketing strategies of those businesses that are doing well. Take a look at those who have a strong, loyal, online following, as well as other companies in your industry.
  • Understand your audience
    The goal of digital marketing is to get potential customers to engage with your brand so that you can sell your products to them. And since it is virtually impossible to do that without understanding those who you’re trying to sell to, spend time asking for feedback on your products or services, engaging with your customers wherever they are and embracing complaints.
  • Communicate with your customers
    There is no such thing as a β€˜one size fits all’ when it comes to communicating through digital marketing. For example, younger customers usually prefer mobile apps, whereas older customers are more likely to prefer email. So, if your business sends out emails, consider the email structure, from the subject line to the content and design. Businesses could also have a blog as part of their website. Blogs are a useful digital marketing tool because they offer a personal insight into your business, making it feel more human and approachable. Having a presence on social networks can also help raise a business’s profile.
  • Understand the power of Google and SEO
    SEO (search engine optimisation) means making sure your website ranks well in search engines like Google. The job of a search engine is to provide search results that are useful to the people who use them. To accomplish good SEO results, businesses need to help search engines achieve that goal by using a strong website structure, publishing relevant content, using keywords in category tags and page titles and ensuring their website is accessible on all devices.
  • Focus on sales
    Since digital marketing is all about sales, businesses need to be using quality accounting software to keep track of their marketing expenses to compare them with any increased sales revenue. Keep renewing marketing campaigns and testing new ideas to find out the best way to promote your products.

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