Effectively setting deadlines for yourself


Setting deadlines for yourself whether for work or for personal goals is often encouraged so that you can effectively manage your time. However, it is difficult to hold yourself accountable.

You can take the following steps to set deadlines for yourself which you are more likely to meet. 

  1. Analyse the situation carefully: Think about how much work you need to complete and the realistic amount of time it will take to complete.
  2. Less is more: Don’t promise yourself too much work in too little time. Take a more conservative approach so that you give yourself a little flexibility.
  3. Take external factors into consideration: Don’t forget to think about other work you have to complete and how all work needs to be prioritized.
  4. Be honest to yourself and your peers: You need to be honest about your skills and set realistic goals. Let your boss know if you will need extra time so that they are updated.
  5. Announce your deadline: Once you have done your research and you have set a deadline with everything into consideration, announce your deadline so that it becomes harder to postpone. 
  6. Learn from failure: If you do miss a deadline, make sure to reflect on why you missed it and what you can do to avoid meeting it next time. 

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