Financial counselling during the pandemic


You might have written off financial counselling services as something you don’t need and can probably do yourself before. But with the current financial climate, policies continually changing, and employment status constantly in danger, these services might help after all.

What do financial counsellors do?

Financial counselling can make handling debt, budgeting and accessing current grants, easier. This means that if you need assistance with budgeting and managing your savings, a financial counsellor could help you. Not only that, if there is support the government is providing for someone in your demographic, a financial counsellor would be able to alert you so you can take advantage of it.

Why is this important right now?

The reality is, that policies keep changing right now. The government is attempting to stabilise the economy by doing various different things, and it can be difficult to stay on top of it all. These changes happen quickly and it can be hard to understand what applies to your situation and what doesn’t.

Where to find financial counselling?

The government provides a free financial counselling service, National Debt Helpline. But there are also many other paid services available. Make sure you know exactly what you expect from your counsellor and inquire at multiple services to ensure that the one you choose understands your expectations.


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