Four types of entrepreneurs


There are different types of entrepreneurs, defined by their perspectives and goals.


Individuals in this category will want to create a business that is scalable within a short period of time. Typically, such individuals will have temperamental personalities which allow them to suit a fast-paced environment but creates problems in personal and business relationships. Such individuals will succeed by building a strong infrastructure and hiring the right people and investors for the job.


Individuals in this category are optimistic and great at spotting opportunities that will yield a good return. They are concerned with profits and building wealth, thus, creating residual income is more appealing to them. 


Individuals in this category might be what people traditionally think of when they think of entrepreneurs. They come up with a great product or idea that has never been heard of before. Their focus is less on the money, and more on how their idea will benefit society. Their weakness lies in business acumen, but if they are supported by the right investors, then this can be overcome. 


These individuals have acquired skills through their education or experience, or both. They will be able to build a network through this and slowly transition from an employee to a business owner in their relevant field.


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