Getting Customers To Click Shouldn’t Be A Waiting Game – Try These Tips


Working out what makes clients click can be difficult when a firm’s email campaign performs well and another perfectly good one fails.

What can be more difficult is driving more opens and clicks for a single email campaign when you are short on time. The answer? Schedule a follow-up nonresponder email.

Non-responder emails are perfect for businesses wanting to share promotional content like sales or offers with a specific goal or expiration date (redeeming an online coupon, registering for an event, etc.).

Non-responder emails can lift overall email open rates in subscribers who don’t open the standard email they receive from their accounting firm.

Here are three tips to wake up nonresponders and give your open rate a boost:

Segment Your List

Segment out firm subscribers that don’t open your firm’s emails the first time around to create a new list of nonresponders. Once firms have their list of nonresponders, try the two quick changes below to the original email to get more people to open it up.

Try A Different Time Of Day Or Day Of The Week

Determining the best time to send or schedule an email takes trial and error.  If businesses send their original email early in the morning, they should try sending it to the non-responder list later in the day. Or, if they sent their original email on a Monday, try sending it to the non-responder list on a different day of the week. As long as firms keep the scheduling time of their nonresponder email list in a way to make their emails stand out in the inbox, they should start seeing results.

Tweak The Email Subject Line

Aside from timing, the other quick and easy way to make nonresponders notice a firm’s follow-up email is to change the subject line. One way to do this is to make the subject line emotionally responsive, or, if the email campaign has an expiration date, the subject line could include time-sensitive wording such as “hurry”, “ending soon”, or “last chance”.


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