Getting hired after taking a career break


Taking a career break can help give you some needed time off and a fresh perspective on work, however many work returners can find getting a new job intimidating. To help you get back into the work industry, here are some things to consider:

Refine your skills:
Taking time off from work means that you may forget things, miss changes or lose some ability without practice. To get back into things, you can refine your skills by:

  • Undertaking volunteer work.
  • Taking classes.
  • Doing research.
  • Consume newsletters, podcasts, videos etc.
  • Practice your skills wherever you can.
  • Stay up-to-date.

Look for career returner programs:
If you’re finding it difficult to get a job after a career break, consider career returner programs that may be available. These programs can be a helpful stepping stone for you getting back into the work/life balance.

Update your resume and cover letter:
Be sure to add any volunteer work or classes you attended during your break to your resume as it can help emphasise your passion and dedication. Having a gap on your resume will not necessarily be a disadvantage to your opportunities. It can act as something positive to differentiate you from other candidates if you can present your story well. Consider how your break has helped you grow and given you the time to learn new things.

Prepare for your interview:
Interviews are something that you may have gotten used to at the beginning of your career, however, if you’ve settled into a particular job for a number of years and taken a break afterwards, it could help you to practice and prepare before going into the interview. You can ask a friend to help you practice and refine your communication skills or practice by yourself by talking out loud. Think critically about what concerns your interviewer may have about your career history and be prepared to answer questions about your career break


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