Handling rejection in business


Rejection happens in every area of life, handling it is another thing altogether. We are all aware that at some point or another we will experience rejection in a business sense, whether it be in a job interview, pitch meeting or promotion aspect. To be successful in your career, you need to be able to take these losses, grow from them and ultimately become better than before.

Don’t take it personally:
While it is perfectly normal and ok to be disappointed when you experience rejection, don’t be stubborn and have a tantrum. In a business aspect, rejection is not personal, you need to be able to separate yourself from a business outcome. Think of it instead as they are not rejecting you as a person but your offer which is something you can change to better suit business ventures in the future. There are many elements that go into decision making in a business capacity, who you are personally would rarely contribute.

Learn why:
When you experience rejection, use it as an opportunity to learn. If you are given feedback then you have a comprehensive list of what you can improve on for next time, if not, take the time to step back and evaluate areas where you think you could improve. Don’t assume your rejection is due to the other party “going in a different direction”, try to identify what changes you yourself could make in the future.

What to do next:
Each time you experience rejection, you develop a thicker skin which prepares you for your next business venture. Whilst it may take a little time after a big disappointment, getting back to work and putting yourself out there again is important. If you aren’t feeling ready to restart your plans so quickly after a loss, use that time to plan what your next move will be, how you can take on what you’ve experienced and then use it to better yourself in future business pursuits. A rejection is not the end of your career or journey, it is an opportunity to learn.


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