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You have decided that your business needs an online presence, whether that means starting a website, a social media account, or both. What you need now is a creative director that can create a brand image that reflects you, your business and its values. Here are some things to look out for when hiring a creative director:

  • Curiosity: This can seem like a vague term but when you are hiring a creative person who needs to understand what you want the brand to look like whilst integrating their own expertise, asking lots of questions is important. Look out for the interest they take in your brand, your values, how you want your customers to see the brand and the relationship you want to develop with them – they should be receptive to these details!
  • Strategy: Creativity is one thing, but being able to execute that creativity and vision requires being able to see the bigger picture. Asking questions about their process behind work in their portfolio could help you understand how they plan a project from conception to completion.
  • Multi-channel approach: In today’s world, a creative director needs to recognise how different platforms require a different creative approach and should be able to construct their strategies and visuals accordingly.
  • Understand analytics: Businesses often have access to lots of data about how their customers respond to certain things and creative directors should be able to respond and alter their work according to this feedback. Some things just don’t work, and they should be able to use the data to make the right changes.

In most cases, creative directors will have the technical capabilities to create engaging visuals – which you should confirm by looking at their portfolios. The hiring process is more about finding someone who can listen to your needs, has an appreciation for the brand and its values, and is willing to evolve with the brand.


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