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Hiring recent university graduates is a great way to bring fresh ideas and energy to your business. Other advantages include the potential to shape their work habits to suit your company and the possibility that they will have some exciting technical skills to offer. Graduates also have far lower salary expectations, meaning that they can be an affordable source of talent.

Here are some tips for recruiting top tier graduates:

Show them what the role involves
Throughout the recruitment process, you should be aiming to show potential recruits why working for you is in their best interests. Being able to give them a crystal clear understanding of what the role will entail will go a long way in boosting your credentials.

Hold group interviews early on
Group interviews are a time efficient way to assess the interpersonal skills that are so crucial to a successful professional life. You will quickly be able to get a feel for their natural aptitude, communication abilities and capacity to work as a team.

Clearly demonstrate the potential for career progression
The number one thing that graduates are looking for in their first job is an opportunity for career progression. You should explain what the different options for them within the company would be, and also aim to demonstrate why experience with you will look great on their future CV.


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