Hosting a productive video conference


Video meetings have become increasingly popular as the technology to support them has improved. Many businesses are opting to live conference with partners or clients instead of in phone calls, emails or in-person meetings. This allows you to conveniently connect with others who are far away or not easily accessible.

Test the software:
Testing your video conference software before you make the call can help to avoid some technical difficulties you may face. Remember to check things like where your camera is and how it is shooting you, audio quality (both recording and playback) and your wifi capabilities. Ensuring all these functions are working beforehand can help save time and avoid awkward technical difficulties.

Avoid overcrowding:
In circumstances where you are conference calling different people in multiple locations, try to keep the number of invitees to a minimum. Overcrowding a server can cause lag and call failure. This also helps to avoid people talking over each other which is common through broadcast as there can be slight time delays.

Think of it as a meeting:
Treating a video conference as a regular meeting is a good practice to implement. Always be early or on time and don’t look or act any differently than how you would in an in-person meeting. Make sure your appearance and background are appropriate and won’t distract whomever you are calling. Plan ahead points that need to be addressed and be prepared with any supporting documentation you would need. Just because you are in a comfortable setting does not mean you can get up and look for things during the meeting.

Consider your surroundings:
Be mindful of others around you. Background noise can be particularly distracting when on a conference call. Whether you are in an office, coffee shop or at home, consider noises or interruptions your could face as well as those you may pose to those in the vicinity. By ensuring that only you can be heard speaking, it can help to keep the meeting focused as everyone is able to clearly hear and communicate.


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