How Can You As An Employer Positively Impact On Your Employee’s Work-Life?


People want time more than money, but the unfortunate side effect of life is that it costs money to have one. Many people may find themselves living to work rather than working to live, resulting from a poor work-life balance.

Employees who lack a proper work-life balance could risk burning out, whether they bring personal worry, additional stress or general unhappiness with them to and from work. The recipe for a healthy life both in and out of the office is in making sure that we take the time to cope with any external stressors.

In order to avoid seeing work as a time constraining stressor, you may wish to consider the following thoughts to prevent your employees from burning out:

  • Create a culture of trust in your employee’s ability to deliver work promptly, which is also high-quality.
  • Promote an open-door policy of two-way communication
  • Recognise that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to work-life balance, and be flexible in how you adapt policies to groups of employees with differing needs.
  • If you employ managers, train them to manage the stress issues that may occur for their team.
  • Build flexibility into your annual leave policies and allow them to buy more annual leave through holiday trading.

Being supported by their employer will have a huge impact on how healthy, happy and engaged your employees feel – and that engagement will, ultimately, lead to more productivity and efficacy in the workplace.


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