How do you know if your productivity tools are actually working?


Sometimes it’s not about how to plan, it’s how to use planning tools to be productive at work. With a wealth of digital apps, websites and management systems able to be put in place, it’s easier to map how much is actually left to do.

In the workplace, you might be familiar with sites like Asana or Trello, or perhaps you’re a Basecamp user. As an individual, you might be the owner of a smartwatch, or enjoy planning on apps on your phone. They’re a great way to check your progress and map your productivity throughout the day.

But how do you know if they are actually working? 

In some apps, the technology works on an innate desire to do more and reward people in more overt ways. The satisfaction of watching things move over to the completed column from an online checklist might also result in a badge – something that we recognise as a reward. It’s also easier to see goals in a more tangible way.

If an app that you use has you feeling pressure to reach for the rewards, rather than focus on what you’re contributing to your work, maybe it’s time for that app to go into the trash.


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