How Eye-Catching Is Your Business On Social Media? Here’s Why Your Graphics Are Just As Important As Your Words


Social media is a great way to market a business’s brand and extend its online reach to audiences. However, many firms often overlook the importance of having a graphic design element in their social media campaigns.

Graphic design is essential to creating brand awareness, recognition and attracting the attention of potential clients. Understanding the role graphic design plays can help firms engage and interest their online social audiences.

Grab Their Attention

It takes little more than simply having a Facebook page to grab client attention in today’s digital age. That is why graphic design tools should be used to enhance a business’s social media presence.

Posting eye-catching imagery or visual representations of a business over several social platforms can increase post views, engagement and firm recognition. Clients are also more likely to remember something they saw online, rather than something they may have read somewhere.

Size Matters

If a business has an amazing graphic, that no one can see because of its size, it ultimately serves no purpose.

Visuals need to be large and detailed enough so clients can recognise them, but they should not be so big that they add to the loading time of a page. Online users tend to lose interest in pages that take a longer time to load. How much a firm shows itself on social media is also important.

A small glimpse of a business’s Facebook page or website helps online users discover the kind of culture a business has. Having the right mix of designs can make a page welcoming and enables user engagement with the business.

Simplicity Is The Answer

Attracting the attention of consumers isn’t about using elaborate visuals. Simplicity is an important aspect of design, as it ensures that all elements of a business’s brand are recognisable, regardless of their size. Simple logos with a clever phrase is often more effective than elaborate designs that can confuse online viewers.


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