How social signals can affect SEO


If utilised properly, a firm’s engagement and activity on social media can affect their website’s overall search engine ranking.

Social media marketing strategies can contribute to a firm’s SEO campaign, however, the effects of this kind of activity are often quite complicated and poorly understood, which is why many firms may avoid using it to generate traffic and gain brand visibility.

Social shares
The more users who share your firm’s material by clicking on your blog’s share buttons or by posting the article’s link to social media, the better chance your page will have at ranking. Just like any other page on the Internet, social media pages are crawled by search engines, and if certain posts get more attention than others, due to commenting, linking or sharing, it is seen by search engines as having higher authority than other posts.

While the number of page likes or followers does not necessarily influence a firm’s website ranking, having a high number of followers can lead to a higher number of likes, shares, and comments of firm content, which in turn, can lead to more inbound links. The quality of links is one of strongest factors when it comes to a search engine’s ranking algorithm. So while a big social media following does not directly affect a website’s ranking, it can have a significant effect on organic search rankings.

Website benefits
Sharing links with a social media audience gives firms the chance to drive a percentage of their followers directly to their website, which provides more opportunities for conversions. Often, social media efforts can increase the number of visitors a firm’s website receives. And the more popular a firm’s brand becomes on social media, the more visible and recognisable it will become for the firm’s target audience.


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