How to ask for a promotion


Asking for a promotion is one of the most anxiety-inducing things a person has to do as an employee. It might help reduce some of your anxiety if you follow these steps.

Do your homework

When you ask for a promotion, you should come prepared with specifics that support you. Write down what you have contributed to the business so far and what you can bring to the table in the future. Discuss specific projects and what you contributed to them rather than general points about what your strong skills are. Next, identify what the specific position you want is and how your skills match the requirements of the role. 

Plan the timing

Although there is no perfect timing to ask for a promotion, the most ideal time is probably during your annual or biannual reviews. This is a built-in opportunity for you and your manager to discuss how your career is going and your manager is more likely to be open to a discussion about your promotion. Also, consider what type of opportunities are currently available in the company and how you will be fitting in including if there are any company changes that will be taking place and how you can fit into those new changes.  

Ask for the meeting

If you do decide to ask for a promotion then plan ahead before you discuss anything with your manager. Send an email that makes the agenda of your meeting clear. Giving notice will give the manager the opportunity to reflect on your work and what the company is able to offer you.

Know the numbers

Before you being negotiating, make sure you have conducted the research and know what you are worth both within the company and in the industry. Once negotiations begin, remember that it doesn’t hurt to ask for more rather than less.

Follow up

If you receive the promotion, fantastic! But if you don’t, then don’t stress about it, just make sure that the conversation isn’t over. Ask about when might be a better time or the opportunities available down the line. Listen to why they said no and aim to improve on those qualities. 


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