How to build your influence at work


Entrepreneurs who want to see progress and get results from others need to be able to influence and impress others. Here are seven tips entrepreneurs can start with to learn to master this craft:

  • Understand yourself
    Examine the mindset you apply to your work and relationships. It is virtually impossible to understand what influences others if you don’t yourself don’t know what drives your behaviour.
  • Be interested in others
    Spend time watching others to figure out what motivates them. Understanding others enables you to work with them and encourages them to secure common goals. Be curious as to what drives their behaviour and take an interest in them to secure strong and lasting relationships.
  • Activate your integrity
    Once you’ve lost your integrity, it can be difficult to regain. Entrepreneurs who guard it carefully and push beyond self-interest advocate positions that serve the greater good.
  • Get busy
    Influential people get things done. Be clear on your purpose and what you needs to be done to achieve that purpose. Know when you should rely on your gut instinct or use deeper analysis. Be decisive in how you make decisions and determined in the face of setbacks.
  • Design your network
    Be mindful about how you build your business and personal networks. Identify any relationship gaps and weaknesses and make a plan to address them appropriately.
  • Be conscious of how you lead
    Understand how others see your actions. Your leadership is constantly on display, so you need to be clear on your personal brand and what you want your business to be known for. Think about whether you as a leader are living up to it. If not, identify what needs to change and make that happen.
  • Negotiate wisely
    Strive to secure outcomes that leave everyone involved with their dignity intact by building necessary relationships early and being ready for negotiation processes.

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