How to drive sales through your blog


A blog is essential for businesses wanting to establish their place in the online world. Creating a strong online presence through regularly blogging is crucial when it comes to a business’s marketing strategies, as it provides businesses the opportunity to share ideas, demonstrate expertise, network and most importantly, drive more traffic towards their website.

While most business bloggers use their blog to share updates or post information about their industry, one of the best online marketing strategies is using a blog as a means of driving conversions and sales.

Here are five tips to help businesses use their blogs to drive sales:

Take an educational approach
Make sure your business’s blog posts serve to educate followers and online customers about areas, products or services your business offers. Don’t turn your blog posts into sales pitches all the time.

Answer customer FAQs
Answering each and every customer question in separate blog posts in not only good for SEO purposes, but also because it means less time is spent trying to think up topics or subjects for blog posts and also can be a time saver in responding to prospects. Breaking down the questions your business is frequently asked into separate blog posts increases the visibility for specific product-related keywords. And once a FAQ blog post is posted, businesses can then send the link to customers who want an answer to their question. This is one of the simplest ways to drive blog traffic convert online prospects.

Publish updates
When businesses write about any new services or features it can drive sales. Discussing why the new service, product or feature is important and how it can solve customer problems also communicates to customers that the business is always looking for ways to improve and continues to listen to its customers.

Provide anecdotal evidence
One of the best ways to convince online prospects to engage in a business’s services is to show how those services have been useful to others. Along with customer testimonials, businesses can use their blog to show how their customers are actually using the services, and whether they have made things a whole lot easier.

Collect information through gated content
By granting access to online readers to ‘gated content’ in exchange for their email address means businesses then have a way of contacting and sending these people more helpful content until they indicate their intent to make a purchase. Only until a business hears from customers should they reach out to talk business.


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