How to find a good mentor


As first-time or ongoing entrepreneurs, we often hear that it would be extremely beneficial to our careers to seek advice from a mentor. But how exactly can you find a mentor who is not only willing to give you their time and energy but is also fitting to your circumstances? Here are some tips on how to find the best mentor for you:

Don’t approach a stranger:
Just like you don’t ask a stranger to be your friend, you don’t ask a stranger to be your mentor. Oftentimes, the mentors most suitable for you are those already in your careers and social circle, whether that be a mutual friend in the same industry, a more experienced colleague or a connection on social media.

It is important to build a genuine and sustainable relationship with your potential mentor and the easiest way to do this is to have commonalities and conversation topics besides your careers. Taking a genuine interest in their lives and stories while also sharing your own will more likely interest potential mentors and incentivise them to form a mentorship with you.

Be helpful and supportive:
To attract the attention of a potential mentor and be a good mentee, follow and help them with their work whenever you can. Be posted and up to date on their professional ventures on their social media, blogs or other platforms and show that you are learning from their work and willing to support them.

You can use your own voice to help your mentor’s work gain exposure, spark digital conversation, add a new perspective, refer them to clients and so much more. Helping your potential mentor out by supporting the work that they are proudest of will definitely increase your chances at gaining their attention.

Be communicative:
Take advantage of social media and communicate with your potential mentor through face-to-face meetings as well as through messaging platforms. Make sure they know that you are always engaged and willing to have a conversation whenever you are available.

Communicating through things as simple as Christmas cards and birthday cards show your potential mentor that you care about constant communication and are willing to make a consistent effort to reach out.


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