How to stop procrastinating on your phone


Smartphones have made procrastination too easy! Luckily, you can make some small changes which might help you reduce it!

Prune your notifications

Notifications are designed to grab your attention. Cutting down the apps that send a notification can reduce the amount of times you pick up your phone, and how much time you spend on your phone just because you’ve picked it up.

Controlling screen time

Your phone measures the amount of time you spend with the screen on, and it also gives a breakdown of the time you spend on each app. This can help you track how much time you spend on each app as well as set time limits so that your phone notifies you when you’ve reached the limit. This is a great way of seeing just how much time you’ve spent scrolling and understand which apps are most distracting for you.

Physical distancing

Distance yourself away from your phone. Phones are always with us, they are easily accessible at all times, which makes it more difficult to resist picking them up to ‘just check them’. When you need to get work done, keep your phone away from you. In another room, other side of the house, or inside the cupboard.

Reasons for procrastination can range from laziness, to distracting yourself from negative emotions you may be feeling. Although the suggestions above might be effective in helping reduce procrastination if you’re being lazy, they may not be as effective if you’re distracting yourself. For example, if you’re procrastinating because you’re intimidated by the amount of work you need to complete, you might find it more helpful to set small, easy-to-complete tasks.


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