How to work smarter with technology


Many assume technology will transform how we work and make life easier for all. But most of today’s workers are busier, working longer hours and are even more overwhelmed and stressed.

But this is not technology’s fault; this is because workers are not taking advantage enough of everything technology has to offer. Many amazing technologies exist that are designed to make us more productive. The problem is that many businesses use these tools, but only partially.

Going beyond merely dabbling with these technological tools and using them more fully can make a business’s productivity levels skyrocket. Here is how your business can achieve more with technology:

Combine your calendar and task list
Consolidating your calendar and task lists into the one view can help individuals plan their time and priorities holistically.

Sync your mobile to your desktop
If you use a smartphone for work purposes, consider syncing your email, calendar and task list sync to that device. This will then help you stay organised on the run, between meetings or when you are away from the office.

Don’t just use technology to replicate
The value of technology is not its ability to replicate how basic or old office tools are used, but to augment the ability to manage information.

For example, there are tools that can replace a person’s paper notepad, but the value of these tools is far higher than just recording notes electronically. The real value is in how you can access that information when needed, share it with others, or turn that information into intelligence.

Collaborate using technology
Technology has increased people’s ability to collaborate with others more productively. Just as some businesses use electronic calendars to organise meetings, businesses should take that thinking and apply it to their other tools.


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