Improve communication in the workplace using technology


Technology has the potential to facilitate efficient communication within the workplace. 

Connect Employees

  • Employees in different locations and departments of a business are able to communicate with each other better through technology.
  • Employees can discuss a project and clarify any issues to reduce the chances of miscommunication through video conferencing.
  • While previously, meetings across locations could have taken a lot of resources, this is much simpler with technology.

Documenting Conversations

  • Due to technology, it has become possible to easily document interactions between individuals to keep reliable records.
  • Technology has reduced the chances of wrongly noting important information.

Managing projects

  • Management applications make it easier to allocate tasks and monitor progress.
  • Rather than allocating deadlines that are difficult to track, technology allows managers to set specific tasks which have a set deadline – these can be tracked and alerts are sent if a certain deadline has passed. 
  • It also allows employees to keep track of the work they have completed and the work they have remaining. 
  • Employees might be given access to see what tasks have been allocated to which individual so that they can approach the relevant person if they need to know more information. 

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