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For businesses that use blogging as a key component of their digital marketing strategy, optimising their blog posts for higher search rankings is likely to be a top priority.

Search engines, such as Google, have become much more sophisticated. Old techniques, such as keyword stuffing, are now penalised and there is a new emphasis on relevance, quality and socially connected content. Here are three ways your business’ blog can get ahead:

Add keywords
Although keyword stuffing is not encouraged, it is important to use a variety of long and short tail keywords. Keyword phrases that are related to your primary keywords should also be used as they will help to increase your content’s credibility. If you are looking to optimise your existing blog posts, add in new sections with subheadings for the missing keywords.

Share on social media
Sharing your blog posts on social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, helps to feature your website in more places which increases the data for Google to gather on it. Social sharing also helps to generate more traffic to your blog, providing the blog post contains useful and relevant information for your social media followers.

Mobile version
Your website should be optimised for mobile, so the layout and content is mobile friendly providing a better user experience. Mobile versions allow your visitors to navigate around the page easily and makes them more likely to stay on your page.


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