Is It Time For A Digital Cleanse In Your Life?


With an ever-increasing digital presence across our personal and professional lives, it can be very difficult to disengage and refrain from using technology. Detoxing from digital devices is often seen as a way to focus on real-life social interactions without distractions, and can be a beneficial boost to your wellbeing. Letting go of the digital device’s hold over you can oftentimes alleviate some of the stress that results from the constant and continuous connectivity.

The following is a list of some of the physical and mental signs that may indicate a dependency on digital devices:

  • Heightened levels of anxiety/stress if you can’t find your phone
  • A compulsion to check your phone every few minutes, even if nothing has changed
  • Social media leaves you feeling depressed, anxious or angry
  • You have trouble concentrating on one thing without having to check your phone
  • You often find yourself staying up late or getting up early to play on your phone

What Could Be Impacted By Using Digital Devices Continuously?

  • Heavy device use can interfere with sleep quality and quantity, with adverse effects on sleep and mood from social media checking before bed also being an issue.
  • Increased risk for mental health problems
  • Constant connectivity can impact your work/life balance
  • The constant digital connectivity can make you feel that you’re missing out on events in other people’s lives.

How To Do A Digital Detox

  • Disconnect in accordance with what your schedule and life allow – pick a time to completely turn off devices and focus on spending time without any electronic distractions.
  • Setting limits and boundaries on when these digital connections are allowed to intrude on your time can be good for your mental health
  • Remove distractions throughout the day by checking all of the notifications from your apps during a specific time of the day.

Implementing a digital detox into your life does not have to be a dramatic solution. Find what works for you to better improve your mental and physical well-being, and reduce the impact that your digital devices may be causing you. 


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