Keep customers coming back for more with a great returns policy


Even though customers aren’t always entitled to a return if they simply change their mind, many Australian businesses have recognised that a fair returns policy can help build customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

This, in turn, can potentially turn a smaller product return into a longer and more profitable customer relationship.

Having a good returns policy in place is a highly valued service for potential consumers, as it can help give customers the extra confidence needed to make a purchase.

However, product returns can place additional pressure and work on customer service teams, particularly during busy periods. Streamlining your business’s returns process can transform your customer service, making life easier for your staff and your customers.

Here are three things small businesses can do:

Highlight your returns policy
Make sure your business’s returns policies are clearly stated and posted visibly in-store, on packages and online. Customers don’t want to spend time searching for all the fine print details, so keep your policy in places that receive plenty of eye traffic.

Some customers also prefer to solve their own problems without additional assistance, so self-service tools such as a Frequently Asked Questions page can help. Offer a variety of options for customers to approach the returns process with minimal effort.

Always provide a great customer experience
Ensuring consistency across your customer journey is important, as it helps foster trust and loyalty amongst customers.

No matter what channel you choose to offer customers the opportunity to buy from, they all need to have consistent systems in place. For example, providing customers with easy-to-find return labels and policies means those who do not want to go back to a physical store have a hassle-free way to return their products.

Minimise the likelihood of returns
Ensure all products are in good condition when they leave the store or warehouse. Use good product images online—professional, eye-catching, and with sufficient resolution. The more realistic and clear idea customers have of what they are going to buy from you, the less unwanted surprises when the product arrives.


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