Keep your business cyber safe


Your business’ cyber safety is a vital concern that can be overlooked in the daily hustle and bustle of the office. Take precautions to avoid a security breach jeopardising your business’ profitability and productivity.

Here are some tips you should follow to keep your business cyber safe.

Password control
Strong passwords and admin control of passwords should be taken seriously. Avoid cliche passwords like “1234” or “querty” and try and avoid personal birthdays and dates. Think about using a random password generator or using punctuation and capital letters to strengthen the security of your passwords. You should also ensure that your team’s shared passwords are secure and changed regularly.

Install software
Viruses can threaten your cyber safety and increase the likelihood of hacks. Simple protective software and firewalls can keep out many viruses and hackers and improve your overall security.

Educate your staff
Many security breaches can come from your inner circle, and even more of those breaches are inadvertent. Set yourself up for success and educate your staff on acceptable and non-acceptable online practices. Your IT expert can be helpful in changing their technology habits in a way that will strengthen your office’s online security.


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