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Small businesses need to start keeping up with the latest digital trends if they don’t want to be left behind, with the most recent research showing that Australians now spend over 10 hours each day engaging with their internet-connected devices.

Australians are also now spending more money on Internet-enabled devices; the average individual now paying around $181 per month for digital subscription services such as mobile phone data, apps and television and movie platforms such as Netflix.

With more and more Australians becoming more attached to their digital counterparts, small businesses need to understand just how popular smartphones and mobile devices are in today’s society.

Because smartphones are now an absolute necessity rather than an indulgence, small businesses need to innovate and improve their digital experience.

One of the most fundamental online concerns businesses need to tackle is around security of personal information; when customers have to fill out bank details or contact information to complete an online transaction. Safe and secure transactions are fundamental to having a quality digital experience.

Creating a strong, consistent digital experience and being able to recognise customers across all different channels is also key for small businesses.

A final consideration for small businesses is to be mindful of making their customer’s online experiences easy and intuitive, so users don’t have to put a lot of effort into interacting with the business’s website. Viewing a lot of information on a small screen, like a mobile device, can overwhelm online shoppers.


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