Landing page optimisation


The landing page on a website is a key part of successful online marketing, as it’s the first thing that visitors will see. It should be designed to convert web visitors into customers. Having a poorly optimised landing page can negatively impact on these conversions, and cause you to lose business and money. Here are some ways to improve your website landing page.

Capture interest:
Using an engaging headline will attract your audience to read more. Your headline should be concise, clear, and ideally keyword-focused to promote your website in search engines. Include a call-to-action, as this can encourage visitors to further engage in your site. This may include contact information, a live-chat function, a button to subscribe to your emails or a button to purchase online.

Effective design:
The layout of your webpage can make or break potential conversions. If a site is too hard to navigate and designed poorly, people are less inclined to stay or read further. Make sure you reduce navigation options and include features such as social media sharing buttons that are easy to use. This will encourage the visitor to stay on the page and not follow external links away from your site. Consider using more images or graphics over words, as bold visuals are likely to attract more attention over large chunks of text.

Promote your strong points:
A landing page is a great way to showcase your expertise. You’ve already got visitors on your site, now you can make them stay and ideally convert them into paying customers. You could achieve this by listing your business’s benefits clearly on the landing page or incorporating testimonials to further enhance your business’s image and evidence of the quality of your work.


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