Learning to delegate


Workplace demands can become overwhelming and sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day. While delegating is an essential skill for business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders, it can often be challenging habit to pick up.

Delegating, when done correctly, will help members of your team expand their skill sets and increase their ownership over their work. To ensure that delegating tasks is beneficial for your business, owners and entrepreneurs should team the right task to the right person, explain to the person the value in the task and demonstrate their appreciation for the assigned person’s effort.

In considering the appropriateness of an employee for a task, owners should consider the employee’s capacity to work independently; their ambition and/or goals; their interest and their current workload (the new task may cause their current responsibilities to suffer).

Where possible, employers should also empower employees by giving them ownership over what tasks they are given within what time frame.

Ensure that you monitor the work without being overbearing. Set aside enough time to thoroughly review and evaluate employee work and while you should refrain from being overly critical, ensure that the person to whom you have delegated the task receives full and honest feedback. If this does not occur then the learning/training advantage of the activity is lost.


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