Making Mistakes At Work Is Not The End Of The World…


Mistakes always happen; although they can be embarrassing, you can recover from them.

Whether the mistake was minor or costly, handling the error with professionalism can save your dignity and credibility.

Next time you forget to hit send on that important email, rest assured you can recover quickly by adopting the following tips:

Gain Some Perspective

Feeling ashamed or distressed when you make a mistake at work is natural, but looking at it in a broader context can help you let go of these negative emotions. Most mistakes, unless they are life-threatening, can be corrected, so forgive yourself and move on. Instead of wallowing, look at ways to rectify your mistake immediately.

Acknowledge And Apologise

If your mistake has affected someone else or negatively impacted the business, acknowledge your wrongdoings and apologise. Admitting you made a mistake shows self-awareness, responsibility and accountability. Try to avoid justifying your actions or over-apologising.

Restore Trust

The best way to show you care about what has happened is by learning from it and ensuring it does not happen again. Correct the mistake as soon as possible and evaluate what you can do differently next time. If you continue to deliver great work, more often than not, your mistake will be forgotten about.


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