Making Your Side-Hustle Stand Out


Freelancing can be a lucrative side-hustle, especially if your skillset is in demand and well-paid. 3D and 2D modellers, for example, can charge up to $650 per job.

However, suppose your skillset is something that is dominated by an influx of freelancers in the market. In that case, you may be looking for a way to break into and stand out from the crowd, particularly if others can perform the job for a lower price than you.

Strategies You Need To Make Your Business Stand Out

Build Your Brand & Establish Your Presence In The Market

As any good business planner will tell you, building your brand is an integral part of the business process. You want your brand to be memorable for the right reasons to set yourself apart from your competitors in the eyes of your customers. Think hard about what you’re looking for in how you represent your services to the world (digitally, offline, word of mouth etc.), and what you can do to improve the reception of your services to your customer base. Know precisely who you are targeting your service to (who needs them) and research the best ways to appeal to them with your brand.

Plan Your Marketing Strategy Out Thoroughly

Even if most of your business conducted is offline, an online presence is still a recommended and often required aspect that you need to consider for your business.

It’s paramount that your business is represented in the right way and on the right social media platforms. You will want your customers to associate your brand with high-quality service and content and want to share with others what you create. Producing insightful and shareable blog posts and newsletters to promote on your website and social media channels will reinforce your business’s authority in the industry.

Customers Are Key

Create a robust and positive customer experience that compels users to leave fantastic reviews and ratings for your services. This will give the added benefit of creating a level of trust that will prompt new customers/users to trust you. You can also build customer loyalty and relationships further with rewards for purchasing or a service guarantee to help build trust with new users.

Planning for your side-hustle’s future can help you in the here and now. You can consult with us for professional business planning advice if you’d like to grow your business beyond a side-hustle.


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