Marketing Creatively: Strategies For The Holiday Season


While marketing is important throughout the year, the holiday season brings with it a trove of opportunities for small businesses to get onto. It’s a guarantee that your customers will be out to buy. The hard part is making sure they buy from you.

Creative marketing needs to come into play to ensure that your business stands out from your competitors. That doesn’t mean that the budget needs to be broken or blown – rather, planning ahead and knowing how you want to target your potential customers will merit far more rewards. Drive towards more sales, boosting brand impressions and awareness and turning one-time shoppers into loyal customers with some of these ideas.

Develop A Holiday Gift Guide

If your business provides goods and services that your customers love, you can expound on that loyalty by producing reasons why they should share them with their friends and family.

A good gift guide leads the customer to the right gift idea as quickly as possible. One way to do this is to categorize gifts by personality (after all, you generally have the gift receiver’s personality in mind when looking for a gift that they’d like).

Marketing Your Events To Suit The Holidays

Events are an easy method to show your customers that you care while driving brand awareness. It’s also a fun way to encourage shoppers to step away from their computers in favour of in-store shopping. If you’re getting back on your feet as a business or looking to reintroduce yourself to your customers, getting involved in events around the holidays can be a friendly and effective promotional tool to reach out to your customers.

Discounts & Sales

Who doesn’t love a good discount code? Customers are more likely to spend more than they normally would if they receive a discount code from businesses. Use the holiday season to your advantage by connecting sales and discount codes for loyal or new customers alike.

The discounts can be for a specific product or service, a specific department, or varying dollar or percentage amounts. Be sure to align this with your top-level business goals for the greatest value.


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