Mobile apps and their business benefits


With the COVID-19 pandemic causing many businesses to slow down in workload, perhaps now is the time to recoup and start on the projects that you’ve put on the backburner. If you’re looking to invest in your business during this time but have no idea what to do, consider taking the time to develop a mobile app for your business. Here are a few benefits of mobile apps to help you make a decision.


A mobile app is an interactive platform that not only your clients can use, but also your vendors and employees can use to share resources, communicate with each other. By having all of your community digitally gathered in one place, a mobile app can help you learn about your audiences, products and user behaviour. Mobile apps also often have their own interfaces that allow its users to participate in a two-way immersive experience. For example, users can share images and other app content with their friends easily and with easy accessibility, your clients, employees and vendors can all engage in purchasing your products and services, querying and contacting you with a simple tap of a screen. Other business engagement aspects such as sales and customer experience can also all be improved with an interactive mobile app.

Customisable branding and design:

More than any other social media platform and website, your interactive mobile app will surely be the most customised to your business’ brand. A mobile app does not have the usual restrictions that a website or social media platform may have, with the elimination of browser elements or caching problems. Another benefit to mobile apps is having the ability to customise your app with any layout you see fit. From separate news feed pages to instant messaging functions to group channels, your app can house more diversity than any website or social media platform ever could while still retaining your brand identity with all the design options available to you (e.g. colour scheme, music, images, etc.).

Consistent marketing and instant updates:

A mobile app can market your business to your audience in ways a website is unable to – for example non-intrusive push notifications which remind your clients about your ongoing promotions, products and services and contact availability. You can also regularly update your community in your app with new features and content through the app distribution platform. Like social media, a mobile app also increases your SEO potential for your home website with in-app synonymous content and direct links to your website and social media accounts.


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